Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the long way home

Wrote this a while ago, couldn't really tell you what it's about, different things here and there. I wasn't sure if I wanted to post the video, but I'm too lazy to record it again, so here it is. I have gotten used to listening to my own voice, but watching myself sing is still pretty weird. My mouth doesn't move enough.

You look up and see
Pieces of me
Singing all your favorite songs
Beautiful lies
They're more beautiful
Through your eyes
The red of the roses
Loses its composure
Next to you

I won't stand
Cuz I probably won't live to get another chance
No I won't stand
Right here is where I remembered who I am
You can't make me, you can't make me
Forget about this
I'm gonna take the long way home

I don't think I'm crazy
But from what I hear lately
They can't say there's nothing wrong

I don't know you but I let you take the wheel
I don't love you but I love the way you make me feel
Every time it goes around
The ferris wheel goes faster now
I just like the ride
I'm not scared of heights
I'll just wait my turn I'll stand in line


  1. I don't like looking at your face either.

    haha. jk. maybe. :-P anyway, i like the song, I think. even though it's one of those weird ones where I don't know what it means and if you were famous I'd google "The Long Way Home" meaning :-P

  2. hehe didn't realize you could google song meanings...

    I think that even when songs don't start off with a specific purpose, meaning can be imbued upon it by its audience, interpreted in different ways, changing organically from one ear to the next. That is how a song becomes larger than life, larger than its creator. I think U2 refuses to explain what their songs are about for that same reason.

  3. I actually am scared of heights.