Monday, February 15, 2010

balance and coffee

I frequently have deep conversations over gchat at work in the middle of the day. Coffee helps.

12:53 PM me: this is probabaly contributing to my weariness
its so easy to put weight into human relationships
even though they will always fail
12:54 PM the other side of that is that we created to be social creatures also
i guess its about finding the balance between vertical and horizontal relationships
where you are invested in people but all the more invested in God
12:55 PM but when the scale tips either way, you either become a monk or a basketcase
A: haha monk or basketcase
me: i find that almost universally, all things involve some kind of balance
even though as humans, we want things to be black and white, good is good and bad is bad
thats not how things work
12:56 PM its more like everything is good in moderation, everything is bad in excess
maybe thats how evil can exist in a world that was created to be wholly good
A: so philisophical :] in a good way
12:57 PM me: haha
i feel like i shoudl blog this