Friday, October 28, 2011


I guess my dad has no sense of nostalgia. 

Also, I guess I already knew that. 


a healthy dose of nostalgia

I stumbled across this Craigslist ad in the course of my daily internet wanderings.

This car, a brown 1984 Oldsmobile Delta 88 sedan, is exactly the same as the car my parents brought me home from the hospital in.  They purchased it brand new while my mom was pregnant in anticipation of their soon-to-be expanding family.  This car stayed with us for years.  I remember sitting in the driver's seat when we stopped for gas and pretending for a minute what it would be like to grown up.  I remember my dad telling us he was going to catch up to the fastest car on the freeway and gunning it while I laughed.  I remember overheating on the way to Vegas and being stuck on the roadside with the hood propped up and a light rain drizzling down.  I remember seeing her on the side of the road with a "For Sale" sign after a Korean lady ran a red and T-boned the front end.

Is the memory of a better time worth $1100 and some garage space?  I emailed the link to my parents just now.  Wonder what feelings this familiarly shaped assembly of metal and rubber elicits from them.

EDIT: Now that I think about it, I think we actually had the 2 door version.  I guess my parents were not ready to give up THAT much of their youth yet.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

tim burton at lacma

First time at LACMA and it was awesome.  Tim Burton has done way more than I was aware of.  What a unique and instantly recognizable style.  It was interesting seeing his growth as an artist and how his characters became progressively more gaunt and disfigured.  Too bad no pictures inside the exhibit.

I have no idea what he is like as a person, but one of the themes I really appreciate in his art is the contrast between external appearance and personality.  His creations are grotesque on the outside but vulnerable and relatable and human on the inside.

Also, I finally got to see those lamps that are in everybody's Facebook profiles haha.

Picture 005

Picture 011

Picture 025

Picture 052

Picture 054

Picture 065

Studebaker Avanti

Picture 082

Picture 096

Picture 099

Picture 101


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

for those who wander

Highly recommend Through Painted Deserts for anyone who has ever felt numb or lost in the molasses of everydayness.  It will make you feel alive and appreciate the eccentricities of life.  It will make you want to go outside and do something new.

Donald Miller is the only author I have read who has made me laugh aloud while nose deep in a book.  He just posted an excerpt on his blog.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Not sure if I know how to accept this...
A poet has written, "the desire to feel loved is the last illusion: let it go and you will be free." Just as the sunrise of faith requires the sunset of our former unbelief, so the dawn of trust requires letting go of our spiritual consolations and tangible reassurances. Trust at the mercy of the response it receives is a bogus trust. All is uncertainty and anxiety. In trembling insecurity the disciple pleads for proofs from the Lord that her affection is returned. If she does not receive them, she is frustrated and starts to suspect that her relationship with Jesus is all over or that it never even existed.

If she does receive consolation, she is reassured, but only for a time. She presses for further proofs - each one less convincing than the one that went before. In the end the need to trust dies of pure frustration. What the disciple has not learned is that tangible reassurances, however valuable they may be, cannot create trust, sustain it, or guarantee any certainty of its presence. Jesus calls us to hand over our autonomous self in unshaken confidence. When the craving for reassurances is stifled, trust happens.

-Brennan Manning, The Ragamuffin Gospel
It could be that this constant craving for reassurance and requited love is one cause of my often frustrated faith. However, I cannot agree that the desire to be loved is something that we need to be weened from. People who have conditioned themselves to not seek love perhaps have done so as a defense mechanism because they felt unlovable. I believe that it is one of the basic yearnings of the soul and to be detached from that desire is to be something less than human. Thoughts?

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Spent the first half of the day at a manufacturing trade show at the Pasadena Convention Center.  Met a guy who I had spoken to over the phone many times over the years at my previous company.  We talked about how odd it is sometimes to put faces to familiar voices.  It is possible to work with someone for years and not know a thing about them.  Business relationships are an interesting thing.

I have been at a random Starbucks since noon relaxing and getting some work done.  Love being out of the office.  My rhinoceros of a laptop can handle any engineering task I throw at it just as well on the road.  I could really get used to this.  I am free to take Facebook and Kindle breaks whenever I need, but it is not really affecting my productivity.  I work well while distracted.  I wonder if this is what life as a writer would be like...

Monday, October 10, 2011

domo arigato

Painting finished!

Picture 003
The original

Picture 006
Sketching ideas

Picture 011
Pencil it in

Picture 015
Acyrlic paints and brushes from Amazon

Picture 017
Base coat in brown

Picture 046
Fill in the mouth and add eyes

Picture 056
Looking pretty good at this point, nice scale

Picture 062
Add teeth and eye reflections

Picture 066
A bit of shadowing

Picture 074

Picture 083
On our living room wall

Picture 084
Adds some character

Picture 085
Messing around


Friday, October 7, 2011

phil wickham at pepperdine

Majorly impressed by Phil Wickham.  The man has some talent!  Captivated a crowd with just a mic and an acoustic guitar.  And a delay pedal.  Awesome stuff.  Caught a free concert with some friends at Pepperdine in Malibu.  The opener, Dominic Valli, was fantastic as well, I picked up one of his CDs. White man reggae. I can dig it.

Picture 018

Picture 028

Picture 033

Picture 080

Picture 089

Picture 097

Picture 107

Picture 109

Picture 134
My lens fogged up for a bit

Picture 145

Picture 161

Picture 175

Picture 180,

Quite a few more here.

Monday, October 3, 2011

paint update

After a couple hours spent reacquainting myself with Photoshop, trying to create a Godzilla stencil.  It was proving difficult and complicated, so I decided to go another route.  The new plan is to paint Domo-kun the Japanese poop monster coming out of the water.  Much easier to draw haha.  I just finished laying down the main body in acrylic.  Stay tuned for a full post when completed.  Looks like it might turn out pretty awesome...