Tuesday, February 23, 2010

brain dump

Last night I dreamed I was in an airport in DC about to fly to Africa. One of my best friends, who is an optometrist in Maryland, showed up all of a sudden to give me an eye exam in the terminal for some reason. I was happy to see him. Most of the people I am closest to are far away.

I cannot watch Forrest Gump without crying like a baby. There is something about a simple person living in a complicated world that is heart wrenchingly beautiful. Same with I am Sam. Their pursuits are both innocent in motive and unwavering in intensity, qualities that are uncommon off the silver screen. Interesting how such people have to be written as characters with diminished capacity in order to be believable.

Lately I have been feeling with greater frequency a longing that I haven't felt since high school. A longing that delivers a physically painful hollow feeling in my chest cavity. Where before I recoiled from it as something to be avoided, I recognize it now as a desire for things which do not exist in their meant-to-be forms on Earth. I am not afraid of such longings anymore. It is not sadistic to embrace this type of pain. It makes it that much easier to place my treasures in vessels that will not erode with rust or decay.

On a lighter note, I did a more serious recording of Sail the Sea. Original video and lyrics from a previous post. Stream it below, or download the MP3 here.