Wednesday, October 26, 2011

tim burton at lacma

First time at LACMA and it was awesome.  Tim Burton has done way more than I was aware of.  What a unique and instantly recognizable style.  It was interesting seeing his growth as an artist and how his characters became progressively more gaunt and disfigured.  Too bad no pictures inside the exhibit.

I have no idea what he is like as a person, but one of the themes I really appreciate in his art is the contrast between external appearance and personality.  His creations are grotesque on the outside but vulnerable and relatable and human on the inside.

Also, I finally got to see those lamps that are in everybody's Facebook profiles haha.

Picture 005

Picture 011

Picture 025

Picture 052

Picture 054

Picture 065

Studebaker Avanti

Picture 082

Picture 096

Picture 099

Picture 101



  1. love mr. burton! and as many times i've been to the LACMA i've yet to play with the famous field of lampposts :(