Friday, October 7, 2011

phil wickham at pepperdine

Majorly impressed by Phil Wickham.  The man has some talent!  Captivated a crowd with just a mic and an acoustic guitar.  And a delay pedal.  Awesome stuff.  Caught a free concert with some friends at Pepperdine in Malibu.  The opener, Dominic Valli, was fantastic as well, I picked up one of his CDs. White man reggae. I can dig it.

Picture 018

Picture 028

Picture 033

Picture 080

Picture 089

Picture 097

Picture 107

Picture 109

Picture 134
My lens fogged up for a bit

Picture 145

Picture 161

Picture 175

Picture 180,

Quite a few more here.


  1. Wait. Which one is Phil? hahah. For some reason I thought Phil Wickham looked like... an older guy like Steve Jobs. Must be... someone else. haha! (Annnnd I just read the first paragraph so it all makes sense now.)

    LOVE the first picture. Album cover status. At first in the thumbnail I thought it was Phil's album cover or something.

  2. Oh, I was thinking of Phil Keaggy. :D

    That foggy pic is pretty cool. :]