Wednesday, November 9, 2011

joshua tree fisheyed

Finally made it out to Joshua Tree after planning for a few months.  On a whim, decided to buy a real fisheye lens, since I've been enjoying my cheap fisheye attachment so much lately.  It's a Korean off-brand full manual 8mm lens at 1/3 of the price of a Canon branded lens.

So. Worth. It.  Pictures came out amazing.

Picture 013

Picture 028
Lens flare very well controlled

Picture 040

Picture 046
My buddy's leg after a run in with a cactus

Picture 052

Picture 066

Picture 080

Picture 084

Picture 102

Picture 123

Picture 142

Picture 153

Picture 166

Picture 176

Picture 186

Picture 222

Picture 242

Picture 250

Picture 253

Picture 256

Picture 257
Didn't have much time for star shots :(

Picture 260

It is worth checking out the full set I think.

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