Wednesday, July 20, 2011

weekend project

I spent the weekend at my parents' house to avoid the much anticipated Carmageddon closure of the 405.  Turned out to be a beautiful weekend to spend on the freeways.  Good job Los Angeles.

 On the upside, I got to work on a couple car projects I'd been thinking about for a few weeks.  First, replaced the weak "meep meep" stock horn with one I had kept off the BMW.  Look how much better made the BMW horn on the right looks.  I'm not sure how much louder it is, but the tone is noticeably more refined.  I have been looking for more opportunities to honk.

The other project I decided to tackle last minute was a paint job for my wheels.  They are now flat black.  Painted with barbeque grill paint from Walmart.  Pretty quick and dirty job, only used about $3 worth of paint.  Looks pretty good and does a great job of hiding all the curb rash and chipped paint.  I think I like the look enough that if it starts coming off, I might visit a powdercoater.

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  1. You can honk at girls on the side of the road.