Wednesday, July 6, 2011

july 4th retreat

Spent July 4th weekend baking in the Riverside sun on a retreat with my other church. (The website seems to currently be under attack from spam bots.) We stayed at California Baptist University, which was hosting several Chinese churches that weekend for some reason. One of which had a major role at the wedding I attended the week before. The Asian Christian community in Los Angeles feels pretty small sometimes.

A little basketball, a little swimming, a whole bunch of mafia, and some of these Sunday afternoon friendships have begun to deepen. Also, please don't watch Transformers 3 unless you are able to shut off your logical mind for two and a half hours. Another little piece of my childhood has been crushed. Ken Jeong is hilarious though.


Session 5

Session 9

Session 12

Session 14

Study 2

Midnight Snack 2

Mafia 4

Mafia 7

Group Pic 3

Full set on Flickr.

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