Friday, April 22, 2011

one day in nevada

The yearly tradeshow in Las Vegas has come and gone.  This year I went on a different day than my coworkers, so I ended up buying a monorail ticket and spending most of the day wandering the strip taking pictures. It was my first time visiting a couple of the newer casinos.  I love wandering.

Leaving the Convention Center

Lunch at Harrah's Buffet (Ribs, Clams, and Kindle)

gondola tip
Gondolas at the Venetian
artificial light
Indoor shops at the Venetian, everyone has copied the indoor sky from Ceasar's Palace
welcome to earth
The Fashion Show Mall looks like Independence Day

ferraris for sale
Ferrari Store at the Wynn
Fancy ceilings near the Ferrari Store
corvette generations
 The car collection at Imperial Palace, I remembered this from when I was like 10 and stayed there with family


out of place
Among giants, yes that's a Yugo in mint condition

A Paris interior I believe, looks almost HDR'ed
eifell moon
Moon over Eiffel Tower, never seen the real thing
Outside the window on the way home

For a healthy chunk of more pictures, visit the full set at flickr.

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  1. I like the gondola pic. And cool! There's a monorail and Ferrari museum?!