Thursday, December 9, 2010

download away

All tracks uploaded! Listen right here or get MP3 with the down arrow at the right of each track.

Or go to the source.

01 - Concrete River by soldiersandcivilians

02 - The Long Way Home by soldiersandcivilians

03 - The Good Fight by soldiersandcivilians

04 - New York to LA by soldiersandcivilians

05 - There is Time by soldiersandcivilians

06 - Sail the Sea by soldiersandcivilians

Special thanks to the friends who contributed to this project. You guys are awesome!

Leo - Drums
Chi - Vocals on "There is Time"
Daniel - Electric Guitar on "There is Time"
Camille - Design and Artwork


  1. sounds nice and smooth nate :)

    i didn't know chi helped with there is time- i thought it was you singing really high for a sec haha. i like it.

  2. nope not yet. wonder if alvina got hers yet

  3. LOL. Why are you wondering if I got mine yet, Elliot? :-P

    I did!

  4. b/c we're both east coast! maybe philly just sucks.