Wednesday, November 18, 2009

something vs someone

It's so easy to find worth in what we have to offer instead of who we are. We strive for the qualities or achievements which allow us to fit in with different kinds of people. 'If I wear these clothes and drive this car, she will like me,' or 'If I am knowledgeable about this subject, they will respect me,' or 'If I don't meet these requirements, he will be so disappointed.' Colleges look for GPAs and extracurricular activities, employers look for achievements and experience, and friends look at everything else.

We are driven to make something of ourselves, but that ambition makes us only the sum of our accomplishments, it reduces a person to a résumé. Feeling productive and accomplished often becomes my idol. Every minute that passes idle seems like a minute wasted. Hard to enjoy living when life seems like a race to get everything done before the timer goes off (Iron Chef style).

We are not to live as plaques on a wall. I want to stop trying to be something and start trying to be someone. Someone show me how please.


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  2. Word of God speak
    Would You pour down like rain
    Washing my eyes to see
    Your majesty
    To be still and know
    That You're in this place
    Please let me stay and rest
    In Your holiness
    Word of God speak

    ~ Mercy Me