Monday, February 2, 2009

in your time

There is time
Where your fields lay empty,
There is time
To be torn down,
There is time
For the broken hearted,
There is time, there is time.

And here I stand,
With the name of God upon my heart,
The name of God upon my heart,
The name of God will never part with me.

You make all things beautiful,
In Your time

There is time
When the nations will turn to You,
There is time
For hearts to heal,
There is time
When the old die young
And the cold find warmth
When the heavens open,
The heavens open.


Sigh, I only have time for single take acoustic recordings these days...

I kinda wanna see if I can get a lineup to play stuff out somewhere. Anyone interested?


  1. i'm in. let's record some of this stuff too.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. omg, i can't believe they leave records.

    basically, i deleted the previous message because my grammar was terrible.

    what i meant to say was:
    "if you record it n' set as an mp3 file, i'd totally download it"

  4. i like to sing. (=

    and give me a theme/colors/basic idea/concept and i'll make your site pretty too :p

  5. it's recorded, please see "Listen" link.

    If you want actual mp3, email me.

    @cam - haha yay