Wednesday, December 31, 2008

goodbye 2008


2008 is coming to an end. Last year at this time I was on a plane coming back from Beijing. How things have changed...
  • started taking pictures
  • said goodbye to 2 cars I loved
  • learned to ride motorcycles
  • gave up on motorcycles
  • a new facebook band
  • conversion to the church of laptops
  • ICA staff
  • a change of heart
  • an almost divorce
  • new small group
  • an almost trip to the Philippines
  • a new way to relate to my dad
  • the roadtrip of a lifetime
  • working people at WHEC
  • started blogging :)
Have I grown? Am I different?

In some ways I feel more more mature, more disciplined, more sure of my foundations, more...surrendered. In other ways, I feel just as lost as before. Is part of growing up feeling more broken and vulnerable and sinful than ever?

Show me how firm a grip You have on me.

1 comment:

  1. haha... i am perhaps one of many people most unsuited to comment on maturity...

    but yes. part of growing up is feeling all those things.... i've been learning about this this break... maturity isn't the absence of sin nor moral perfection...

    rather.. it's what we do in the face of difficulties...

    that continuing feeling of brokenness... i pray that it's humility and nothing else...

    and a happy new years to you, brother