Friday, September 9, 2011


I have a new idea.  Okay, it's not entirely a new idea. It's been done before. The idea is to take an old/bad/thrift store painting and paint over it to make it more interesting.

I have a friend who just took up painting and another friend who is getting rid of some old stuff.  Motive and opportunity.  Here's what we got.  An old print of "Golden Surf" by Robert Wood.

And here's a quick photoshop of what I want to do with it:

Not sure about the laser eyes at this point, it is still an idea in progress.  Plus, I don't know how to paint. Yes, this could turn out badly.  Stay tuned folks...

1 comment:

  1. KEEP THE LASERS. It's the splash of color. LOL this is a GREAT idea! :-D