Sunday, May 1, 2011

festival of books

They moved the LA Festival of Books to USC this year. It had been at UCLA for as long as I've been in West LA. I haven't been on campus for quite a long time. Interesting memories. Also got to do a little casual portrait shooting. Fun!

Picture 004
Winnie Cooper!

Picture 014
Madeline is kinda creepy in 3D
Picture 024
Hanged for stealing cookies

Picture 033
Dinner at Papa Cristo's
Picture 036

Picture 042
Exposition Park

Picture 044

Picture 047

Picture 056

Picture 058

Picture 065

Picture 075

Picture 082

Picture 089

Picture 095

Picture 101

Full set on Flickr as usual.

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    I looooove the hanging balls picture.

    And picture 082.