Wednesday, February 23, 2011

cruel cruel fate

I have been periodically applying and interviewing for jobs for a few months. No offers. Until yesterday. I had applied for a patent examiner position at the Patent Office in Washington DC in November, knowing that they would take a while to get back to me. Earlier this month, they did, after I had forgotten about it. They scheduled a phone interview, which I thought I bombed, and offered me a position yesterday. A position with great pay, in a new city, and a couple friends already work there. Everything I was looking for.


Because of a hiring freeze starting March 1st, I would have to start on February 28th. That's this Monday. I would have to give two weeks notice and move across the country in 6 days. Even if I had zero responsibilities that would be difficult. I had to turn it down. From what I hear, there is no telling when they will start hiring again. Mad disappointed. Closest chance yet to get out of this rut.


  1. wow. so sorry nate... i guess god didnt want that for you right now =T