Thursday, September 2, 2010

new music?

Been working on recording some new stuff for a while, but I'm just about out of steam...

Four and a half songs done at the moment, three more I can start on, but lacking much motivation. What should I do? I would like to put together a nice CD package to mail out, but 4 songs seems like not enough to warrant the effort and money.

Should I just release what I have online in MP3? What format is easiest for you to listen to? It's not professional quality or anything, but I have sunk a good amount of time and energy into it. I really hate promoting myself.

Could really just use some encouragement, if anyone still reads this...


  1. You have to want it to promote youself. You can't just "make" a CD for kicks. If nobody wants then, you'll have like 100 coasters. You have to... play at coffeehouses and different gigs, use your Santa Monica thingie! (unless your license expired...) You need a reason to motivate you to roll out songs for the CD. I think releasing mp3s online is good. Through Facebook, post on music sites, whatever.


  2. you can revive soldiers and civilians. that was a convenient way to listen to your songs.

  3. hmm...not quite sure man, that's an interesting choice. i would say it depends on if you want to do album art, i.e. if the album art contributes to the work as a whole.

    maybe if the songs feel more like standalone songs, mp3 may be the best option. if they feel more like a package deal, as in they can be related under the umbrella of an album as a whole instead of as separate entities, then put it together as a cd.

    hope that helps man. either way, i can help u out when you get to that stage if you send me the WAV files. i can export them to mp3 at 256 kbps for good quality, or make a CD with the WAVs with my software. excited to hear your stuff dude.

  4. mp3 sounds good to me. post youtube videos

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