Wednesday, August 4, 2010

another deferral

Um. So I got another letter from Washington letting me know that I'm still in limbo. At this point, I am unable to make the September leave date that I have been preparing for since late last year. I do feel a bit disappointed, but not as much as I expected, considering the circumstances. Seems like LA will be my home for a little longer, though I am developing a new appreciation for the City of Angels. Starting to weigh other options....Any ideas? Stay here till retirement?

group pic
Serve the City 2010. I'm on the right. I got cut off.


  1. Sucks that they leave you in the maybe for soooo long... If this doesn't pen out, maybe you should treat yourself and travel for a while then come back to LA... or try living in the East for a few years :P

  2. When are you planning on retiring? O_o
    Ooo does this mean we can hang out again? :D