Saturday, January 23, 2010

crap my bad

So I was cleaning out my closet a couple weeks ago and there were a couple of ancient looking wires running up the wall. I knew they weren't being used because I don't have cable TV or internet service. My compulsion for wire uncluttering made me cut those wires, and all was at peace once again. A few days later the manager called and asked if he could let the maintenance man into my apartment. I asked to reschedule because I didn't want him to see all of the junk I have attached to the walls. Also, I figured out that I probably shouldn't have cut that cable. So two weeks later when the timing finally worked out, the guy comes and looks in my closet, and I'm caught. Red handed. They need to rerun the cable from the garage for the two apartments above mine, and it will take 3 guys and 2 hours.

I feel terrible, and to make it worse, I just met the guy who's cable I cut. He's a mechanical engineering student at UCLA. He says without TV or internet in his apartment, he's totally bored all day. He will have to continue to be bored for 4 more days. So much trouble. This is pretty embarrassing. My bad.


  1. Haha I like how this is labelled FUNNY. :-P Aww do you have to plug in for internet? No wireless? Cause you could let him tap into your wireless....? Were the cables loose and dangling or like... you just cut them?

  2. Funny. I think you should do some act of apology to remedy possible ill feelings. A little note with a simple package of snacks or wine or something

  3. @Alvina: There's wifi in the lobby, he just lazy. THEY WERE UGLY!

    @Jessie: I am paying for it in embarrasment.

  4. that guy was w/o cable and internet for 2 weeks?? so sad..