Thursday, August 6, 2009

free time is an interesting thing...

...when we don't have it we lust for it and when we do have it we're not sure what to do with it.

One evening last summer, about 8 or 9 o'clock on a weekday, I went out to my building's patio with an electric guitar. My fingers found two chords that sounded interesting together and the sky reminded me of the stars I've seen in less light polluted places. I started to string together some words.

This song came out over the next couple of days and I recorded it so I wouldn't forget it. Then I forgot it. I found it again last week and messed around with it. It's rough, I think you can hear Elliot's voice in the beginning if you turn it up. I experimented with drums in Fruity Loops, virtual amplifiers, crappy synth playing, and T-Pain style autotune. Enjoy!

Also, I realized I haven't taken any real pictures in a while, so I made a quick video for it last night.

The stars are out tonight
The skies are filled with light

Galaxies come and sit within reach of these fingertips

As I wander

As I forget everything

And the sound of silence overwhelms me

Can you hear the wind echo like thunder

As cars drive by they sing their song

Spirit come and stand beside me

Maybe I'll die

Maybe I'll die

Maybe I'll die on this patio tonight



  1. cool mix of sound

    watching the clip as you sang kinda made me feel like i was saying farewell to all these familiar places that's been my home for a while...

  2. Why is Elliot so emo?
    *shakes head*

  3. did you use autotune? sounds a bit like t-pain