Thursday, April 16, 2009

vivid dreams

I usually can't remember my dreams.

I was with my parents in a house haunted by the mute ghosts of Disney characters. We were trying to solve the mystery or trying to get away, I can't remember which. We escape to a huge shopping center, but it is not safe yet. A tidal wave is coming so we run to a barricaded room at the end of a long corridor. Right before the wave hits my dad runs out and sacrifices himself to save my mom and me. Then I woke up.

I was speaking for the first time at ICA rally [which I actually have to do later this quarter] and I was completely and utterly unprepared. It was on some passage in the Old Testament, but I had no idea what I was talking about and was just making it up on the spot. People were shouting out questions and walking around and talking in the middle of everything. I kind of gave up and prayed more earnestly than I thought was possible in a dream. Then I woke up.

Wonder what it means...

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  1. those are pretty vivid dreams. i still remember a dream i had in kindargarten. i came home from school, kicked off my mary janes, sat down at the table, and ate cereal with barbie. then she stood up and a disco ball appeared, with lights flashing everywhere, music in the background, and then omigoodness it wasn't barbie, but JEM. do you remember jem? (cartoon from the 80s).

    if you can figure out what your dream means, maybe you can help me figure out what mine meant. =]