Monday, January 19, 2009


What is heaven? Ask 10 people and you will get 10 answers, at least. Some see harps and angels sitting on marshmallow clouds. I have heard people say that they hope it is reliving the happiest moments of their life. Many say it is wishful thinking. Nobody knows for certain.

The closest thing I have yet seen to heaven on earth involves weekends away yearning to see the face of God. To leave the world behind with people of the same heart and of the same mind, though created very differently, united by the same passion to see the Unseen. To repent of selfishness and pride and lust to a Savior that has already taken every burden on His bleeding shoulders. To sing alongside broken people the praises of a God who loves broken people.

The Bible says that heaven is dwelling eternally with God (Rev. 21:3) and forever worshiping before His throne (Rev 4:8). We cannot experience this to its fullest while wearing by these bags of flesh, but we are given glimpses of it. These glimpses and that hope, at least for me, are what make this hard road worth every bump.

It kind of hurts being back at work after such a weekend.

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